Hey guys,

I just found out that Microchip123 made a NEW Money Maker that works 100%! You can download it by CLICKING THIS LINK.


Here are the instructions for downloading it:

1) Once you’ve clicked on the link, a window should pop up asking you to download something. Make sure it’s on Default and then click OK.


2) Depending on what computer and program you have, it should either be checking for viruses or not. Wait for it to finish checking for viruses and then open the Money Maker with Winzip.



3) SELECT ALL of the programs in the window you just opened  in Winzip and extract it to your Desktop.


4) Go to your Desktop and OPEN UP the Money Maker program.


5) The Money Maker window should open up. Log in your penguin first.


6) Then choose a “Quiet Server”. I suggest Ice Rink. I’ve been to it many times with this Money Maker and I’ve never gotten banned.


7) Then another window should pop up asking how many coins you want to get. Read the instructions FIRST.


8) Then select the amount of coins you want. You can choose up to a maximum of 5000 coins.


9) Wait for it to finish giving you the amount of coins.


10) You can repeat steps 8+9 as many times as you want. However, please be aware that the Moderators can still ban you for doing this.


Have fun with this Money Maker and use it wisely. Enjoy it while it still works!

See Ya!

-Vietpride28 😎